Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless MouseMost travelers don't need to bring a laptop with them, as the right cell phone can do everything that the average traveler will require. Long term travelers, especially those earning a living while on the road, will likely find themselves to be the exception. In those cases you probably still won't need to bring a mouse. In truth I don't actually need a mouse either. But I sure do prefer one while doing photo and video editing. I feel that it gives me much better control and makes my work considerably easier. So I once again started sifting through as much information I could find in order to determine my best option. As with any piece of technical hardware, I have a list of needs and wants that are specific to how I'll be using it.

Needs and Wants
Weight is always a factor, as is size. It needs to be as light as possible and also as small as possible for the purpose of reducing its effect on my luggage. But in this case it also needs to be large enough to feel comfortable in my hand for extended hours of use. With a mouse, accuracy is also an issue. Since it will be being used on the small screen of my laptop, I need it to have enough precision that it doesn't jump over where I intend to put it due to the scale its movements are based on. Sometimes while editing a picture, or the timeline of a video, I need to click and drag something the increment of a single pixel. So it needs to move very slowly and with precision. But once I've done that I don't want it to keep moving so slow that it requires extensive mouse movement to get the cursor across the screen.

I prefer a wireless option, but want it to be usable on any future computer I get in case I need to replace what I have due to upgrading or replacing something that gets damaged. If I have to replace my laptop while on the road I won't always have a lot of options and don't know if it will have Bluetooth built in (you'd think it would, but I've seen stranger things happen), nor do I know if it will have a USB type A slot since many new laptops are eliminating them in favor of USB-C only. With that uncertainty I started looking for mice with dual wireless options.

I don't want to have to rely on AA or AAA batteries. Carrying spares adds weight, and using rechargeable ones that require an additional charger does the same. That would be counter productive. A combination charging and data cord that allows me to keep using the mouse while it's plugged in to charge is a must. This eliminates those that need to be placed on a charging pad of some sort, since it eliminates the option of being used at the same time.

laptop outdoorsBefore traveling I had a desktop PC that was considered quite powerful at the time. When I decided to go backpacking around Asia I didn’t intend on doing any video editing, but decided that having a laptop would be convenient for several reasons. If I were to go backpacking today without doing any video editing, I’d opt to skip the laptop and just use my cell phone. The model I’d bought back then was inexpensive and under powered, but if I was patient it would do what I was asking it to do. It weighs 3.85 pounds (1.75 kg), has an Intel Pentium dual-core 2.1GHz 4405U processor and 4GB of DDR4 RAM. It has a 14” screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768. With the need to do video editing, this just isn’t going to work for me anymore.