Terrain PantI don't care if you want to call them trousers, pants, or long legged butt covers, I'm having difficulty finding a really good pair that works well for travel. Denim jeans are not a good option because they are bulky, heavy, hot, not good in a business meeting or night out at nicer places, and they take a very long time to dry after being washed. I've tried a pair of "travel jeans" from a company in the UK, but they fit like skinny jeans and tend to show off parts that I just don't want to go around showing off. I'm not fat, but I have thicker legs than people who tend to wear skinny jeans too. So I need something that fits more like how dress pants are cut. They should be properly tight at the waste, and then loosen up at the hips. They should stay loose, but not baggy, the rest of the way down. "Travel jeans" also still look too casual for my wants and needs. There are other companies that make "travel jeans" in colors other than blue, but they still tend to stick to khaki or other colors like that which I just can't stand the look of. There are also companies selling "travel pants", but they tend to be equally lacking in the features and appearance I prefer.

I need something that fits like dress pants, looks good at church, still looks good with a t-shirt while walking in a city or on a dirt trail, and is durable enough to survive trekking. Plus, it needs to be stain resistant, odor resistant, and quick drying. The color choices need to be something other than khaki, a blue that looks like a poor imitation of denim, or some other color that screams "I'm a tourist". I have to also say that if any of a companies pants have legs that zip off to make shorts, I'll have a difficult time ever taking any of their products seriously again. So just don't. I prefer that they don't have cargo pockets (those that are on the outer thigh area, just above the knee). I don't need anything "tactical" or "military looking". They also need to take up as little room as possible when packed in my bag, and weigh as little as possible too.

I wear shorts quite often while traveling, so I'll only need two pair of pants. I prefer that they be two different colors, but that's not an absolute requirement. While on an airplane I'll wear one and pack the other.

Terrain PantsI've looked at dozens of different products, and most of them fall far short of what I need. Yet again, I found a promising option on Kickstarter. A company called Rivas Supply has a new product they are calling the Terrain Pant . I decided to go ahead and get two of them since they appear to meet all my requirements.

They are available in three colors:


I don't care for the olive because it's just too similar to khaki for my taste. So I'll be getting the navy blue and charcoal.

There's a lot of information available on the Kickstarter page, so I'll not be repeating too much of it. But the parts I like the most are that although the material is 95% cotton, it has an antibacterial treatment that can last around thirty washes. Since they only need to be washed after a week or two of wear, depending on environmental conditions, this means that two pair can last 14 to 28 month of continuous use before the treatment wears off. I tend to wear shorts quite a bit, so it will probably end up lasting at least three years for me. At least, I hope so. It should be noted that they can be ironed, but not dry cleaned.

Terrain Pant featuresHere is an interesting quote from the manufacturer: "We decided on Nano-Wing cotton because it has the performance properties of a Nylon/synthetic but with the natural, look, feel, and breathability of premium cotton. Because it's treated with a next-generation DWR finish on the outside, and moisture wicking finish on the inside, Nano-Wing repels moisture rather than absorbing it like traditional cottons. When fully submerged in water as when washing, it dries 40% faster than standard twill. We also loved the CATLIGHT self-cleaning technology, where when UV rays hit the fabric they activate anti-microbial technology imbedded in the fabric itself." and "For additional reference you can find an example of technical cotton used by the performance brand, Mission Workshop. They call theirs "Storm Cotton" and they appear to have similar properties to our Nano-Wing (but more than twice the price)."

Additionally the manufacturer said "The fit is on the cusp between regular and slim. We intentionally gave the Terrain Pant more room up top, similar to an athletic-cut jogger, so they're more comfortable when walking or hiking distances, and so they won't ride up when sitting for long periods while traveling."

Once I get these, and use them extensively while travelling, I'll provide an update based on my experiences with them.