Terrain PantI don't care if you want to call them trousers, pants, or long legged butt covers, I'm having difficulty finding a really good pair that works well for travel. Denim jeans are not a good option because they are bulky, heavy, hot, not good in a business meeting or night out at nicer places, and they take a very long time to dry after being washed. I've tried a pair of "travel jeans" from a company in the UK, but they fit like skinny jeans and tend to show off parts that I just don't want to go around showing off. I'm not fat, but I have thicker legs than people who tend to wear skinny jeans too. So I need something that fits more like how dress pants are cut. They should be properly tight at the waste, and then loosen up at the hips. They should stay loose, but not baggy, the rest of the way down. "Travel jeans" also still look too casual for my wants and needs. There are other companies that make "travel jeans" in colors other than blue, but they still tend to stick to khaki or other colors like that which I just can't stand the look of. There are also companies selling "travel pants", but they tend to be equally lacking in the features and appearance I prefer.

ApolloWhen I first started FlashPacking I had to select what clothing I would take with me. I quickly found out that not all t-shirts are equal. There are basic cotton shirts that soak up sweat, hold onto it for a long time, and stink very quickly. Their cost can very greatly, depending on brand and what's printed on them. But they are still a very bad choice for travel due to how they handle sweat. My next option was to try shirts designed for athletics. It seemed a logical choice considering the heat and sweat issues being so similar. However, I found out that not all athletic shirt materials are the same, and they still lack something FlashPackers and BackPackers need.

I tried brands from the local "we sell everything under the sun for less than anyone else" store. They are very inexpensive, and I don't overheat in them. However, they handle sweat almost as poorly as the cotton ones. It pools up and takes almost as long to dry. They stink quickly and require daily washing. But they always dry overnight after being washed, and I can't always say that about cotton. I then tried t-shirts from some of the major athletic shoe manufacturers in hopes that they would be better. They seemed to be cut better and provided a nicer fit, by adding a little extra room in the armpit through sleeve opening area. But the material itself performed the same.