ScottScott: Originally from the United States, my first experience with travel, beyond childhood family trips, was at the age of 16. During the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of high-school I visited the USSR, prior to the Dissolution, as a participant in a Student Ambassador program. The trip also included short stops in Finland and Sweden. The trip planted the seed of my wanderlust. In the years that followed I traveled on the rare occasion, but was primarily just a dreamer until June of 2016 when I became a solo Backpacker on a trip through Southeast Asia. Many lessons were learned on that trip and some important things have changed. In a way, that trip never ended. Instead, I settled in the Philippines for a while, eventually getting married. My wife and I now travel together as FlashPackers.Scott TravelMap




AileenAileen: Born in the Philippines, I had no international travel experience and very little travel within my own country until after meeting my husband. We now travel together and he authors articles for our website, while I host the videos that we share here and on social media. I hope to share information that will not just encourage dreamers to become travelers, but that will help travelers to plan and be more prepared for their trips. I have so many questions about the places we plan on going to that tend to remain unanswered until we get there. Over-planning can take away some of the excitement. But a complete lack of information can cause too much anxiety. So I hope to help others be more comfortable without reducing any of the joy of the new experience.




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